Produced by 2 Many Executives

George Milton Co-writer / Director

George Milton trained as a director with the groundbreaking Spitting Image TV show, and left to complete an MA at the Royal College of Art, making various award-winning shorts.

In 1997 he wrote and directed his debut feature film Appetite, theatrically released in 1999. He formed a writing collaboration with Mark Tilton, with whom he has written various television and feature screenplays for BBC, ITV, and FilmFour. They co-wrote The Truth, which became George’s second feature as a director in 2004.

In 2007 he produced and directed Moonmonkeys for BBC Comedy, and was a director on the 2009 season of ITV’s Comedy Cuts. In 2009 Infidel (part 1 of the Sins of London triptych) won Best UK Short at Raindance Film Festival.

He has also won over 30 major international prizes for his brand and commercial work as a writer/director: numerous IVCA/EVCOM Awards, including a Gold and a Silver for Best Director, and a Silver for Best Script; and multiple New York Festivals Awards, including a Gold for Best Director in 2015.

Mark Tilton Co-writer / Associate Producer

In the ’80s he was singer and guitarist for iconic punk thrash band The Membranes. In the ‘90’s wrote the libretto for Hell For Leather, a comic film opera, composed and directed by Dominik Scherrer. Shown at Sundance, LFF, winning numerous prizes including Prix Action Light at Locarno, and featured at the Sensation exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum in ’99.

In ‘00’s he formed a writing collaboration with George Milton, with whom he has written various television and feature screenplays for BBC, ITV, and FilmFour.

Julie-anne Edwards Producer

An MA in Medieval History from St Andrews led somewhat curiously to a career in advertising.

In the mid 90’s she founded Firehouse Productions which has been one of London’s successful production houses ever since, with clients like British Airways, Accenture and BT, and winning multiple awards year in, year out in both London and the US and New York festivals.

Martino Sclavi Executive Producer

Journalist, musician and academic, Martino Sclavi spent his formative years between New York, Rome and Berlin. In ‘96 he arrived in London where he frequented the National Film School and began producing ground-breaking documentaries, musicals and comedy films (among which the prize winning: Wag the Dogma, Brief History of Cuba in D-minor, Re-Brand).

In 2001 Martino founded Vanity Projects with comedian Russell Brand. In 2002 he worked alongside producer Marco Muller in his newly-founded Downtown Pictures. Since 2005 he has closely overseen the creative development of 2ME productions, both in Germany and in the UK.

He wrote the memoir The Finch in My Brain, which was published by Hodder to critical acclaim in 2017.

George Lenz Executive Producer

A leading young German actor who trained in Munich, with a wide range of international credits, including Ron Howard’s Genius, David Hare’s Salting the Battlefield, Justin Hardy’s 37 Days, Joseph Vilsmeier’s Leo & Claire, Hartmut Schoen´s vom Küssen und com Fliegen, and George Milton’s Appetite.

George needed a fresh challenge, and so his career as a hyphenate (Actor-Producer) began. In the noughties he produced Detlef Bothe’s challenging DV movie Feier Tag, which won a Special Jury Prize at Munich Film Festival, and he is a founder member of 2 many executives.